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Holidays on Elba Island

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Holidays on Elba Island

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Holidays on Elba Island

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Holidays on Elba Island

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Holidays on Elba Island

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Sport & Nature on the Isladnd of Elba

Needless to say water sports are more popular during the summer, but in low season the mild climate enables you to discover a different aspect of the island: Mother Nature. Just follow any of the paths over the mountains and you will get to know the history and the soul of the island, with the only sounds being the birds chirping.
You can choose to go on guided tours or you can just ask for a good map of the paths and all the necessary equipment if you prefer to go on a tour of the area by yourself.

A step forward along the valley and a step back in time ...
Looking for its millenary history, the remains of the town of Pedemontis, the granite "caprili" no longer in use, the granite roads past churches, furnaces and dry-stone walls, Roman remains like the granite ship or the columns at the top of Cavoli, traces of man's hard work over thousands of years. You will be pleasantly surprised to see so many different things in such a small area: differences in the climate, the vegetation and the geological conformation. One minute you're looking at tamarisks by the sea, the next you're looking at chestnut trees high up in the mountains or hundred year old yew trees in the "calanche"; one minute you're looking at the sea lilies, or breathing in the perfume of the brooms, the next you're admiring orchids and cyclamens, and all this as you listen to the "sounds of silence" of Mother Nature.

There are numerous free, daily excursions, all with expert guides, from May to June and in September; most of them are up Monte Capanne and in some of the most beautiful parts of the Island of Elba.

A great number of paths - some difficult, some easy - to suit everybody starting off right from Pomonte.
Here is a list of some of them: Valley of Pomonte, the Pomonte-Chiessi path and the Via delle Essenze.

A kayak excursion in crystal clear water along the coastline is a unique experience: not only is it your chance to get to know the island from a different aspect, it's also the only way to reach some of the gorges, cliffs, coves and beaches that you can't get to over land.... with the sound of the sea in the back ground.

The shipwreck of the Elviscott merchant ship, sunk in 1972, is without a doubt the most popular tourist attraction with skin divers and snorkellers, who come from all over the island to see it and admire the sea bed.
At a depth of only 13 metres, most of the ship is lying on the sea bed, left of the Ogliera rock and only 150 metres from Quartiere beach. It is the only shipwreck on the island that you can get to without needing a boat, because you can easily swim out to it from Quartiere beach or go by pedalo.
Since it sank over 40 years ago, the wreck has become "naturalised" and now looks more like a colourful micro environment rich in sea flora and fauna, and the continuous colour changes (helped by the fact that the sea is so clear and isn't very deep) have a magical effect as they reflect the rays of the sun. Amberjacks, crabs, saddled breams and octopus, will come out of what is now their home as if to greet you then swim off.

The PADI diving center that has an agreement with us, a few meters from the hotel and the beach, offers a wide range of courses for adults and children and will be happy to accompany you for snorkeling or diving.

If you need to refill your scuba tanks you can do so at the sports shop in Pomonte too.

Thanks to the perfect sea and weather conditions, the stretch of sea between Pomonte and Chiessi is very popular with lovers of windsurfing and kite surfing.
Many gatherings and competitions are held here throughout the year like the Coppa Italia Formula Windsurfing trials and the Italian Windsurf Slalom Tour.

There are many mountainbike routes on Elba, and numerous competitions on both a national and international scale like the Gran Fondo and the Legend Cup are held here.
There is a depot and a mechanic's at the hotel if you wish to leave your mountain bike there.

You can also hire e-bikes and mountainbikes. . -->

For lovers of free climbing there are numerous equipped routes, covering all levels of difficulty, in the Costa del Sole, all with Fasi experts. The view from all of them is breathtaking. Please contact Fabrizio Galeazzi for information.

Only 100 meters from the hotel our guests will also find a fully equipped gym with a tennis court, five-a-side football, volley ball and body building equipment.

Lots of routes, surrounded by untouched nature, to help you discover the many varied and uniquely beautiful aspects of the Island of Elba, a true paradise for those who love going on excursions and walks.
Not only might you come across an old abandoned mine, an antique church, a sanctuary or a hermitage, maybe a tower, a castle or an ancient fortress, you might also come across the breathtaking sea bed embellished by some historical shipwreck.

On foot with just a backpack, or by bike, or wearing your diving suit, the choices are never ending and all of them will fill your heart with joy. In short, those who are not afraid of tiring themselves out are sure to fully appreciate the true, hidden beauty of Elba, and this explains the deep soul of the island and the emotions and sensations that it can give.

Whether you find yourself surrounded by broom, heather, myrtle and lentisk in a silent atmosphere that hardly seems real, or whether you are in the heart of a shady chestnut wood, stunned by the perfume of the undergrowth - that comes from the moss, the mushrooms and the cyclamens -it will be possible to see all the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Pomonte is a true paradise for outdoor sports fans: mountain bike, trekking, kayak, diving, snorkeling, free climbing: the entire area offers many opportunities of practicing one's favorite sport inside the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago.


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