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Our hotel on the island of Elba » Eco-hotel

In a small village with deep rooted traditions, with its unpolluted sea on one side and a historically and natural unique valley on the other, we have always done our best to protect this treasure, so much so that we have become members of the "Ecolabel legambiente turismo" Project, supported by the Legambiente Association.

>How important eco sustainability is to us:

- We try to use only products in season, so that the distance between where they are grown and our kitchen is as short as possible
- We use as much organic fruit and vegetables from our garden as possible
- All the liquers and jams we offer our guests are made from our organic fruit
- All the herbs our chef uses are naturally grown and officinal
- We make all our "perfumed and colourful" herbal teas from organic herbs grown in our garden
- Guests always have a choice of traditional dishes
- Home made cakes both at breakfast and main meals
- Many ORGANIC products both at our buffet breakfast and main meals
- A choice of fair trade products
- Our wine list also includes some Elba wines, organic wines and naturally grown wines
- The water served at meals comes from the "Napoleone" spring and the glass bottles are returnable
- Minimum use of wrapped individual portions so as to keep wastage down as much as possible
- We recycle, and the humus is used as a fertilizer for our garden

- We prefer to use natural products that are not harmful to your health and do not pollute for cleaning the rooms, like steam cleaners, or concentrated, environment-safe products of which you can buy recharges, above all those awarded a prize by Legambiente, thus the wastage is kept at a minimum.
- In the bathrooms as few single dose toiletries offered by the hotel as possible, as well as natural soap in containers that are 99% biodegradable and have the European ecolabel certificate.
- Eco-friendly toilet paper
- Towels changed on guests' request in order to avoid excess washing
- Some of the rooms have sensors at the doors connected to the air conditioning so as to avoid enery waste

- We prefer correspondence via email rather than via fax or letters
- We re-use sheets of paper for any internal correspondence or photocopies
- We encourage our guests to take part in the trekking or kayak excursions with fully qualified guides that are offered by us
- We inform our guests of any cultural and environmental events, and make sure detailed brochures are available
- We like our guests to know about the historical and natural treasures of the island
- Free, informative brochures, as well as road and path maps, are at guests' disposal
- We encourage our guests not to use their car to get about: on foot, by bike (their own, if they have one, otherwise the hotel will provide it), or by bus, and we can also print them off the full timetable.
- We kindly ask our guests to be as quiet as possible during the hours when some guests may be taking a nap
- We tell our guests of our efforts to try and protect the environment, in the hope of awakening their opinion too

- Bins for recycling are easily seen and at guests' disposal
- Modern, water saving appliances at all sources
- Energy saving lightbulbs
- Solar panel hot water system
- We do our best to respect the biodiversity by protecting the swallows' nests, so much so that the Tuscan Archipelago National Park awarded us the "Casa della Rondine" ("Swallows' Home") prize.


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