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Holidays on Elba Island

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Hiking on Elba » path La Valle di Pomonte

Start from Pomonte and cross the river over the cement bridge, than go up the ancient road that once linked the vineyards.

You will find yourself in the midst of an entirely man-made enviroment: terraced vineyards and orchards, stolen from the mountains through centuries of hard work and now under risk of fast deterioration since the abandonment of a large part pf the area.

Look around carefully and you will see the signs of an ancient peasant civilization that mark the mountain, by now once again covered by Mediterranean scrub and woods, almost up to the ridges of the mountains that surround the Pomonte valley.

Follow path n. 9 and, after an initial section of steep steps, the road becomes much gentler.

After crossing the Porterogna river and the large landship you will come across the first of the abandoned agricultural storehouses that dot the valley.

From here you will soon come to the first small chestnut wood and then cross a new stream.

Now a brief but demanding climb along a path with paved sections begins, take it easy and stop often to look at a view of Pomonte and the sea, capped by the mountains of Corsica in the distance.

Continue, without deviating from the path, until coming to the Poio storehouse and from here, after a brief flat section, you will arrive at a stream that flows on your right.

Follow it until arriving at the bottom of the valley, crossing it several times.

You have now entered into the most evocative part of the valley form a naturalist point of view: an exultation of holm oaks (including the rare and protected Osmunda Regalis), age-old chestnut trees, and waterfalls.

This is a hidden shady zone ythat provides shelter for numerous animals, it is a good place to stop for a picnic, before tackling the steep climb that leads to the Grottaccia.

You are very near to the demolished Church of San Biagio that closed and protected the whole valley in the Middle Ages.

Hiking excursions: The Valle di Pomonte

At the top of the ascent you will come to a crossroad: take path n. 8 wich climbs up on the right until reaching Le Filicaie and the summit of Mount Capanne; path n. 30 will take you to Macinella and towards San Piero, take the path on teh right towards path n. 31 and Le Mura a splendid village of ancient "caprili" that you will come to after an easy walk.

This is the area dotted with the remains of goat rearing activity that has marked Mount Capanne with unusual "igloo" shaped structures of which you will find numerous pieces of evidence even while you continue your descent along the Pomonte valley.

After Mount Orlando the descent becomes steep and you will find yourself once again in a environment of garigue, amongst rockroses, furze and ginestre aspalatoide, rosemary and wild lavender.

After a brief section over granite boulders, keeping on the right, you will easily get back on the path descending between the ancient abandoned vineyards and leading back to path n. 9 and then Pomonte.

Difficulty: demanding
Time required: 6 hours.


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